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At Corporate Plumbing Services we cater to varied plumbing projects, small & medium commercial / industrial projects including:-
  • Food tenancy fit outs
  • General shop fitouts
  • Medical centres
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Amenities blocks
  • Kitchen & Bathroom renovations/refurbishments

We also:

Clear blocked drains

  • Small commercial electric drain clearing machine - flexible cables with various cutting & clearing tips that remove blockages within small to medium size pipes.
  • Large commercial electric drain clearing machine - large flexible cables with various cutting & clearing tips that remove blockages within larger size pipes.
  • Determine causes of blockages
  • Detect and locate all drainage problems and causes with an "In Pipe" colour video camera (CCTV) to inspect and record the pipe condition. Clients are able to review the recording either on the media centre or can be provided with footage via email for your convenience.

Pipe location

  • Colour TV drain camera with Sonde locating equipment will establish redundant connections, cracked and/or obstructed drains. We are able to establish both the depth of a drain up to 5 meters (16 ft) below surface level and relative directional position.

Concrete cutting and core drilling

  • We drill and saw cut concrete slabs catering for all trades and applications.

Pipe replacement and repairs

  • Where a drain has collapsed or where the obstruction may be too established to clear with drain clearing equipment, the pipe may require excavation to be repaired.

Water leak/seepage detection

  • If your domestic/commercial/industrial premise has water damage or continual moisture seeping from walls etc, a consistent or periodical water leak may be the problem. At CPS we have a minature camera to investigate "In Wall" voids to establish the cause of the leak to minimize damage to structural or finished surfaces during investigations.
  • Further, if you have ground or subsurface seepage we can investigate and establish the type and cause of this leak and provide solutions for its repair.

Pre purchase inspections

  • Where a property requires the examination of all aspects of plumbing in excess of a basic inspection by a building contractor who is not licensed or experienced to locate potential costly plumbing problems. We can carry out an extensive inspection of the entire waste pipe, water services, roof, downpipe, gas and drainage installation. Our CCTV Camera inspections are a good idea if you are looking at purchasing a property, especially in areas that have established trees or ground movement. Inspections of the underground sewer and drains on commercial, industrial and domestic property prior to purchase could save you considerably on repairs in the future.

Hot water systems

  • Repairs and replacement of hot water units, relief valves and repair to leaking connections.

Dishwasher, garbage disposal units, water boiler/chiller installations

  • We regularly install and repair these appliances including water filter cartridge replacements, running/faulty taps etc
  • We provide these services on domestic through to major commercial appliances.

RPZD backflow valve installation & testing

  • Licensed to install, test and certify backflow prevention devises. Under Government legislation these valves must be tested annually (12 monthly) to certify and maintain correct working order and ensure that the devise is not defective or faulty.


Small eletric drain clearing machine

In Pipe colour video camera (CCTV)

Large electric drain clearing machine